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gas carts

Pros & Cons



• Longer range. A gas cart typically gets over 20 miles to the gallon and has a five-gallon or larger fuel tank thus giving you a range of 100 miles before re-fueling.
• Gas carts hold their value better than electric carts. The primary reason is supply and demand. Nine out 10 manufactured are electric carts primarily due to the golf courses using mostly electric carts. Typically the gas cart is priced about the same as an electric cart when they are new, but an electric carts value will be less in three years due to the batteries being three years old and the market supply of used gas carts is small.
• No battery replacement in five to eight years.


• Not as powerful as the RXV AC motor.
• Although not loud because the engine only turns on contact with the gas pedal (doesn’t idle) the gas cart will be louder than an electric cart.
• Routine maintenance. The manufacturer suggests a tune up and oil change be performed each year on a gas cart.
• Operating costs. High-grade fuel is required to operate a gas cart.
• People are sensitive to smell generally can smell the fumes on a gas cart.
• Have the traditional brake pedal that must be pressed to lock the cart and can be disengaged when pressing the gas pedal.