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electric carts

Pros & Cons



• Electric carts are environmentally friendly.
• They offer a smooth and quite ride.
• With the RXV models there is more power than with gas.
• Brakes. The interlock regenerative braking system are second to none.
• No fumes!
• Hunters love the electric carts because they can move in and out of the woods quietly and without fumes to run off their prey.
• They are great for indoor use as well.
• Low-cost maintenance. No fuel purchases (only distilled water required). No routine maintenance with exception to the batteries.
• A great selection as All Pro Carts offer new and refurbished for significant price savings




• It’s a large expense to replace the batteries every five to eight years.
• Lower resale value depending on age of batteries.
• Shorter ride time than a gas cart, but the RXV is better than most gas carts.